How to Make a High-performance Vitamin E Serum

Vitamin E is another highly-beneficial additive in the natural formulator’s stock cupboard and seems a common enough ingredient. However, there is a lot to discover and research when creating high-performance natural skincare and especially when using vitamin E. So, we decided to introduce our vitamin E serum formula with some valuable background on this vitamin’s forms and functions.

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The world’s healthiest food – Vitamin E

The most famous of the vitamin E group is alpha-tocopherol. Both with respect to diet and high-dose supplementation, it is among the most intensely studied of nutrients. This is because its ability to help prevent free radical damage is well documented Public health recommendations for vitamin E are typically measured in milligram equivalents of alpha-tocopherol equivalents, or mg ATE. You will find this abbreviation being used throughout our live website charts.

However, despite the current prominence of alpha-tocopherol in public health recommendations and nutrition research, scientists are also interested in potential health benefits associated with lesser studied members of the vitamin E family, especially the tocotrienols. Like tocopherols (including alpha-tocopherol), tocotrienols are naturally occurring forms of vitamin E. Since they cannot be converted by humans into alpha-tocopherol, the tocotrienols are not considered relevant in meeting vitamin E needs. However, preliminary studies suggest that tocotrienols can provide us with health benefits in a way that is distinct from alpha-tocopherol, as well as other tocopherols. We look forward to future research in this area.

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Antioxidants Are Crucial Nutrients for Optimal Health

“Every day, our bodies go through a normal process called ‘oxidation,’ which is simply what happens when oxygen comes in contact with another substance — in this case, the body’s living tissue,” explains renowned cardiologist Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

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Many of us have heard of vitamin E and know that it’s beneficial for the skin. You probably already even have a few products lying around that contains vitamin E as a key ingredient, or taken it as a supplement for overall skin health. After all, it’s one of those ingredients that have been around for as long as you can remember and frequently outshone by other trendier skincare buzzwords. But do you know how it actually works and what kind of skin types it is best suited for? Here, all the fundamentals you need to know about vitamin E.

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This Is Why You See Tocotrienols Popping Up In *All* The Wellness Spots

Tocotrienols, or “Tocos” as they’re affectionately known, have been around for a while, but more recently, they’ve become increasingly popular thanks to the growing alternative wellness market. Like turmeric and medicinal mushrooms, Tocotrienols can be found in powdered form and can be plucked off the shelf to adorn your lattes and smoothie bowls.

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High Vitamin E Cuts Cataract Risk By Half

A study using experimental animals found that vitamin E — as alpha-tocopherol, the most common form sold — protected the animals from radiation-induced cataracts.In a human study, 175 people with cataracts were compared to 175 without cataracts, and researchers found that those with the highest vitamin E blood levels had a 50 percent lower risk of developing a cataract.

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Can Vitamin E Fight the Common Cold?

When it comes to the common cold, just about everyone claims to have a cure or a treatment — some real, some bogus. But researchers now believe they’ve found something that works to ward off the cold and other upper respiratory infections: vitamin E.

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Vitamin E may be a natural remedy for dysmenorrhea

Menstruation is a basic part of life. Many go through it without incident, but for some women, the experience can be agonizing. The pain brought by dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps can be so severe that it prevents sufferers from functioning as they would on a normal day.

Over-the-counter pain relievers are easy to obtain, but their potential side effects make them a risky gamble. Long-term supplementation of vitamin E, says a study, makes for a natural and more wholesome alternative.

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