Moderation is the key when it comes to vitamin E

For thousands of years discovering the secrets to a long life has been a primary goal for most of humanity. But sometimes figuring out if something is a help or a hindrance to longer life is complicated. Such is the case with vitamin E.

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Health Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant, can only be obtained as a food supplement, but has widely-known health benefits for the skin, heart and brain. Deficiency of vitamin E is rarely naturally-occurring, but when it does appear, it is typically caused by fat malabsorption disorders or genetic abnormalities. Vitamin E is well-known in the cosmetic world for its skin benefits, but also protects against toxins that can deteriorate the eyes and brain.

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APCRC – Q part of New Gamma-Tocotrienol Study

The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre – Queensland, the University of Hong Kong, and Davos researchers have found that gamma-tocotrienol is potent in killing prostate cancer stem cells.
APCRC - Q part of New Gamma-Tocotrienol Study

The study, partly led by the APCRC – Q’s Dr Patrick (Ming-Tat) Ling, aims to find a way to eradicate these stem cells. The latest findings showcase the potential of gamma-tocotrienol as a natural remedy for preventing and treating prostate cancer.

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Vitamin E to fight prostate cancer

NOT many people paid heed to tocotrienols 30 years ago, but of late, the scientific community just can’t seem to get enough of it. Just in the last five years alone, dozens of papers had been published on this lesser known form of vitamin E, which can actually exist in four forms, or isomers.

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Researchers Probe the Potential Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Neel Chowdhury

Palm oil has a pretty bad reputation. The product of this hard-shell red fruit, harvested primarily on plantations in Southeast Asia, is typically used as cheap cooking oil for fried foods like noodles and curry puffs. Indeed, by the time the palm oil is processed, much of its nutritional value is destroyed. And the fact that it can congeal at room temperature makes it even look extra artery clogging.

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