Vitamin E Deficiency: An Under-Recognized Cause of Dystonia and Ataxia Syndrome

Harsh V Gupta, Steven Swank, Vibhash D Sharma

A 43-year-old right-handed man was seen in the clinic for an evaluation of progressive gait difficulty. He initially developed tingling in his hands and feet at the age of 30 years. After 3 years of initial symptoms, he developed weakness in his lower distal extremities. His symptoms progressed over the years and he developed unsteady gait, double vision, speech changes, and tremor in his right hand and head. He also complained of diarrhea (five to six loose watery bowel movements a day) and required frequent emergency evaluations for the management of the same. He was found to have colonic dilatation (11.4 cm). His past medical history was significant for jejunal resection at the time of birth. There was no family history of similar neurological problems.

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